AICIC APP is the social interaction-based application which provides connectivity as well as information updates from friends and groups. AICIC app is inspired by current society’s internet connectivity and social gathering through internet device. We are not only providing messaging and video-based networking but using these features into other productivity activities like changing the society and serving humanity.


We have started the project with the challenge that maximum social media platform is based on the specific purpose and serving people for their purpose only. Everyone has to use different app for different purpose. This is very much difficult to handle all the application and repose every and each individually.

Second biggest challenge is that the messaging and posting information is used by different application. There are common friends into all the applications and has to handle each and every friend individually in every application.


We have made an application with solves problem described above. Our application provides both service like posting and messaging into single platform. We have developed a secure application which provides all the features like other popular social media app.

Future Plans

We are planning to develop a marketplace for users. We are going to connect Job placement services, matrimony, real-estate etc.

Revenue Model

We have planned to install an advertisement mechanism to get revenue to run the company. We will get advertisement in marketplace segment.


As social media is most used platform in Indian users, but unfortunately all are not from India. AICIC APP is made by and made for India. We hope this will be liked and used mostly by Indian public.

Awesome Features


We are using latest technology and using most advanced techniques to serve people in best manner. We have a list of features into app that describe the app the best.

Posting Content

Our app is proficient capable to post text, video, audio and image posts to connect to the friends. The post has also facility to be liked and to get comments from different friends.

Chat Message

– We have also text, video, audio, image and location-based chat message facility including forwarding and reply facility. Chat messages are distributed into three parts as Contact base chat, Group Chat and Contactless chat. It will help user to manage their chat rooms easily.

Scheduled Chat Message

This is very much new and different feature which is only provided by us. User can schedule their future message for particular date and time. Our system will automatically send those messages to the friend at scheduled time.

Live Image or Video

Our app is made with the feature when you post Image or Video using camera, it will automatically add location with the post. This feature will help to prevent fake video and image to spread and friends will get the real video and image updating.

Emergency Video Post

To help people at the time of emergency, we have developed a shortest way to provide information to close friends and even police about the emergency by sending videos of particular area with location information using single button. This feature will black out the phone so other people will never be seen that some videos are being sending through the phone. We use front as well back camera one by one to send videos, so receipting person can easily understand the situation.

Chat Messages Privacy

Our app has facility to send chat messages as well as other applications, but with addon we do provide privacy facility by locking chat rooms into passwords. We have also options to change the DP of the user as well as rename the user into chat room list.

Pubic Riot Prevention Mechanism

OOur application can be used to prevent public riot by sending their pictures or videos to the govt reporting them. Administration can quick respond and can save public as well as personal properties to be destroyed while helping innocent to be injured while riot.